Live Online Bootcamp

w/ Personal Trainer Daniel Gems


Let's get 2021 started off right. You want to finally keep your new year's resolutions and build the body you want - well, quit dreaming start doing and join me in my live online bootcamp. The classes are adequate for beginners, who have not moved for a while and want to get back in shape. Scroll down for more info. But first things first:

Your first Trial Session is FREE !

 Keep going and seriously re-shape your body!

Monthly Option:

8-9 Sessions/month


cancel anytime

Annual Option:

104 Sessions/year


cancel anytime

SAVE 60€


My Bootcamp will get you going:

  • strength training with body weight exercises
  • TRX strength and cardio exercises 
  • mobility and stability training
  • tube- and resistance bands training
  • healthy back training
  • Tabata HIIT cardio
  • anamnesis and fitness test (optional/extra fee)
  • food and diet analysis (optional/extra fee)

How do we meet and When?

We will use Google MEET to connect

and train every

Tuesday & Thursday

7 a.m. or 12pm CET

you choose which time suits you better!



Once you have applied I will get in touch with you asap. Thank you for signing up and training with me!

- Coach Daniel


"Daniel is a great personal trainer. He's experienced. His communication skills are excellent. He's dedicated and a genuinely likeable guy. If you want an excellent Personal Trainer this is your man."

- David Barnes (client since 2014)

"Daniel is amazing! I would have never thought that training with a personal trainer could be so effective and so fun at the same time! Daniel really gets you to achieve great results. Can only highly recommend!"

- Constantin Langholz-Baikousis (client since 2019)

"I have been training with Daniel for a year now and I can only praise him for the consistent commitment he put in making me a better, stronger, healthier person. Extremely professional, flexible and always open to a good laugh!"

- Claudio Cicali (client since 2019)