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Personal Training

Finally keep your resolutions and reach your goals with Personal Fitness Training! Increase your muscles, get a healthy back and burn your belly fat. Whatever your goal is, I will get you there! And right now, you can even save some money!

Book a 3 Pack (3x60min) Personal Training

for only 199€ to try my services!

*in-person or online (Zoom, Meet)*

Personal Training Service:

This is what I offer:

  • Strength Training with dumbbells & barbells
  • TRX strength and endurance training
  • mobilisation and stability training
  • tube and resistance bands training
  • strong back specific training
  • Tabata endurance training
  • Running training 5k to 10k 
  • anamnesis incl. fitness test & caliper body fat measurements
  • food and diet analysis

*Try my services for only 199€ with a

3h Personal Training Pack!*

Personal Training Pricing:

This is my current pricing:

5 Pack (5x60min)- 479€ 

10 Pack (10x60min) - 879€

VIP 1 - 1h/week - 369€ (3 Months min.)

VIP 2 - 2h/week - 689€ (3 Months min.)

Outdoor Training Locations:

Outdoor Personal Training:


Cantianstraße, 10435 Berlin

CAR: parking is available in the street

SUBWAY: U2 to Subway Station "Eberswalder Straße"

TRAM: M1 to stop "Milastraße"

Outdoor Personal Training:

Volkspark Friedrichshain

Am Friedrichshain 1, 10407 Berlin

CAR: parking is available in the street

BUS: 200 to stop "Am Friedrichshain/Hufelandstr."

TRAM: M4 to stop "Am Friedrichshain"

Alternatively I also meet you at your location of choice (park, sports area).

Rating No. I:

"I have been training with Daniel for a year now and I can only praise him for the consistent commitment he put in making me a better, stronger, healthier person. Extremely professional, flexible and always open to a good laugh!"

- Claudio Cicali (client since 2019)

Indoor Training Locations:

not available at the moment

due to Covid-19 restrictions

Indoor Personal Training:

Personal Fitness Lounge

Torstraße 40, 10119 Berlin

CAR: parking is available in Zolastraße (next crossroad)

SUBWAY: U2 to Subway Station "Rosa-Luxemburg Platz"

TRAM: M8 to Subway Station "Rosa-Luxemburg Platz"

Indoor Personal Training:

Perfectly Imperfect

Scharnhorststraße 26, 10115 Berlin

CAR: parking is available in Scharnhorststraße

SUBWAY: U6 to Subway Station "Schwartzkopffstraße"

TRAM: M8 to Stop "Invalidenpark"

Rating No. II:

"I thoroughly enjoy the training sessions with Daniel.  He is encouraging, motivating, and the training sessions are always varied, which means he constantly brings in new ideas.  The personal training sessions with Daniel are never repetitive.  He listens to my needs and develops the sessions accordingly.  He also has a good sense of humour, which makes the sessions all the more enjoyable; at the same time, it is clear that Daniel takes his work seriously.  Highly recommended."

- David Barnes, client (since 2014)